TAG Tech Awards 2024 - Innovation Driven Company (Enterprise)

This award recognizes a company throughout Georgia with more than $50M in revenue who have developed an innovative technology (hardware, software, etc.) solution or are using existing technology in an innovative way to make companies and organizations stand out in any industry since January 2023.

Finalists will be recognized, and the winner will be announced at TAG Technology Awards on November 6th, 2024.

Applications are due by Friday, August 16th.

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Describe the business problem resolved or business enhancement achieved through the innovative use of technology. Describe in particular the complexity of the situation. Factors to consider for complexity are impact to customers, employees, finances, business processes and time.

Describe the technology and how it is being used to conduct business differently (highlight unconventional usage and the impact it had on how customers and employees conduct business). Did it change any fundamental business principles or philosophies (if so, how)? Did it have an impact on the company’s culture (if so, how)? 

Without getting into your outcome and impact, please provide the general timeline, key players' diversity of roles and influence (direct and indirect) used for employee and/or customer adoption.

Please describe the outcome. Consider: Were savings or increased productivity realized in cost, time, people, capacity, production volume and other areas? What impact, if any, did the new technology have on sales and revenues? Were you able enter a new marketplace or increase your market penetration? What impact has the technology had on your products and services? More features? Increased quality?  Speed to Market? 

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